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Forbidden Vow -- Diana Cosby

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May 15th, 2018

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Forbidden Knight -- Diana Cosby
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Lord Griffin Westcott's Story (Wulfe)

His Enchantment -- Diana Cosby

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MacGruder Brothers Series
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“Medieval Scotland roars to life in this fabulous series.” — Pamela Palmer, NYT bestselling author

His Enchantment
Zebra Historical Romance
ISBN:  978-1-6018-3169-9

She Could Never Live In His World

Lady Catarine MacLaren is a fairy princess, duty-bound to eschew the human world. But the line between the two realms is beginning to blur. English knights have launched an assault on the MacLarens, just as the families of Comyn have captured the Scottish king and queen. Now, Catarine is torn between loyalty to her people and helping the handsome, rust-haired Lord Trálin rescue the Scottish king…

But He Couldn’t Live Without Her

As guard to King Alexander, Lord Trálin MacGruder will stop at nothing to defend the Scottish crown against the Comyns. And he finds a sympathetic, and gorgeous, ally in the enigmatic Princess Catarine. As they plot to rescue the kidnapped king and queen, Trálin and Catarine will discover a love made all but impossible by her obligations to the Otherworld. But a passion this extraordinary may be worth the irreversible sacrifices it demands…

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"Love the MacGruder Brother's series ! It surpasses any Historical series I have read! 5stars" - Joy Boothby, CA, USA

"I love your MacGruder series, hope you keep writing such wonderful stories!!!" - Saranya Dharshini, India

“I fell in love with the MacGruder Brothers. I hope readers who have not tried the series will. They will love their stories too!” — Maria McIntyre, CA, USA

“I loved the whole MacGruder Brothers series!” — Maria McIntyre, CA, USA

"His Enchantment is a great book! A real page turner... Didn't want to put it down." — KElizabeth, GA, USA

"I loved His Enchantment!" - Yoly Nieves-Snyder, FL, USA

“Diana Cosby writes wonderful historical romance!” —Susan King

“Passion, danger, lush history and a touch of magic.” —Hannah Howell, New York Times bestselling author on His Conquest

“Finally! A bold, lusty Medieval! Diana Cosby is superbly talented.” —Cathy Maxwell, New York Times bestselling author on His Captive


Her turquoise eyes as entrancing as a spell cast, torn between wanting her and propriety, Trálin chose the latter.  “I want you, lass, make no mistake of that.”  He allowed himself the luxury to smooth his thumb across her full mouth, her taste potent in his mind, and then stepped back.  “But you are nae mine to have.”  How could this woman mean so much to him?  As if since meeting her he’d found rational?  A question came to mind, and hope ignited.  “Do you love him?”

She looked away.  “My feelings toward my betrothed change naught.”

However absurd, however wrong the timing, he was more a fool if he didna discover if they had a chance.  “Catarine, I am a powerful lord, one who holds the king’s ear.  If you do nae love this man, we can—”

She looked at him and swallowed hard.  “Do naught.”  Regret darkened her eyes.  “I must go.”

Blast it.  He closed the distance.

Catarine stepped back.  “Do nae touch me again.”

“Because you want me?” he demanded.

“Aye.”  She closed her eyes, slowly opened them, and the sadness within made his heart ache.  “And because any chance for us can never be.”

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